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The rational conservation of plant genetic resources starts with the study of the existing diversity and the consistent arrangement of the associated data. The availability and dissemination of germplasm-related information facilitates the access, management and use of plant genetic resources. These aspects are fully reflected in the FAO’s Second Global Plan of Action for plant genetic resources for food and agriculture, of which one priority activity area calls for the Construction and strengthening of comprehensive information systems for plant genetic resources for food and agriculture.  

In Spain, the National Program for the Conservation and Use of Plant Genetic Resources, established through a Ministerial Order on 23 April 1993 (Official State Bulletin 7 May), as well as the Action Plans approved to date, include among their priority areas the development of an Inventory of the ex situ collections of the National Network.  

Since 1994, the National Plant Genetic Resource Center (CRF), as part of its work as documentation hub of the plant genetic resources conserved in the National Network, develops, publishes and keeps updated the National Inventory of the collections participating in the Program.  

In this website you can search through the passport data of all materials conserved in the Network of collections and find the contact information of the responsible institutions.  


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Updated July 2019.
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