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         Collections Conserved in CRF


In Spain, the National Program for the Conservation and Utilization of Plant Genetic Resources, established through a Ministerial Order on 23 April 1993 ( Official State Bulletin 7 May), defines the roles of the National Plant Genetic Resources Centre (CRF) as conservation center for base collections of seeds and as documentation center of the Program’s Network. The CRF also maintains in its facilities active germplasm collections, mainly cereals and grain legumes, for exchange with users, and provides technical support and coordination to the National Program as required.

In this website you can search through the passport and characterization data of all collections conserved in the CRF, and formulate requests of the materials conserved in the CRF active collections. The material request can be done in the “Request to CRF” section, filling out the form for that purpose that can be obtained by clicking on the “Request form” button at the bottom of the page.

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Updated August 2019.
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