This section indicates the procedure for requesting materials from the collections maintained in the Plant Genetic Resource Center (CRF). The CRF keeps two types of collections:

The CRF will only consider request
of accessions held in its ACTIVE SEED COLLECTIONS

Request for the materials which the CRF holds exclusively in the base collections (vegetable crops, pasture fodder crops and Lupinus) should be made to the corresponding active banks.

Samples will be sent free of charge, depending upon the availability of the material at time of the request. The average size of the sample sent is the approximately 100 seeds.

The exchange of material from species listed in Annex I of the International Treaty on Plant Genetic Resources for Food and Agriculture for agricultural food/feed purposes, when petitioners are based in one of the 130 member countries of the Treaty, is subject to the signature of the Standard Material Transfer Agreement (SMTA) of the Treaty.

The exchange of material from species not listed in Annex I or petitions from countries which are not Contracting Part of the Treaty, will be dealt with Material Transfer Agreements (MTAs) in line with Spanish Law 30/2006, for these situations the CRF uses the following models for non-commercial uses.

Request for material should be made to:

Isaura Martín
CRF-INIA. Aptdo. de correos 1045
28800 Alcalá de Henares - Madrid
Tfnos: 918819261-918819286
Fax: 918819287
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