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Crop Wild Relatives (CWR) are those plant species that can contribute with genetic material to crops, but unlike the cultivated plants, have not been domesticated. Because of this, these plants can contribute to improve adaptation capacity of crops to stresses such as droughts, extreme temperatures, pests or diseases that could increase their intensity due to climatic change. Consequently, the conservation of CWR is essential when planning agrobiodiversity conservation actions. In the frame of the European Project PGR Secure (, the Biodiversity and Conservation Area of the University Rey Juan Carlos has developed a complete assessment about the conservation status of CWR in Spain. A complete list of 930 species of CWR related to most important crops in the country (in terms of yield and registered varieties) was elaborated. This list was subdivided into four categories according to the use of the crop: Food, Forage and Fodder, Ornamental and Industrial. 579 species were selected for prioritization according to the easiness of crossing with the cultivated forms, endemicity and threat, according to the Red List of Spanish Vascular Flora. In order to set the baselines for the development of a National Strategy for CWR conservation, an exhaustive assessment on the conservation status of the prioritized species was carried out. As a first step, the in situ conservation status was evaluated quantifying the number of known populations in Spain within the limits of the Natura 2000 network. A complementarity analysis to identify suitable sites for conservation, encompassing the maximum number of species in the minimum number of sites, was also performed. Finally, the ex situ conservation status was assessed taking into account the number of these prioritized CWR (collected in Spain) preserved in germplasm banks. With all this information, a report with some recommendations for the design of a national strategy for the CWR conservation was launched and is publicly available. For further information about studies developed in Spain in the frame of the PGR Secure project, please visit

  1. Checklist of Spanish CWR
  2. Prioritized and annotated checklist of Spanish CWR
  3. Report with baseline studies for a national strategy for CWR conservation in Spain.